ProCam 5 App Reviews

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Top App!

beste App zur Ersetzung der originalen ios Foto App

Time lapse is unreliable

The time lapse feature is horrible. It stops whenever ANY alert is present (including the low battery alert). Horrible

Excellent app

This app gives a lot of control (dslr like) over the picture taking process. I dont use the stock camera app anymore.

The Best

The Best photo app in AppStore !!!!!

Отличное приложение

good app but lacks additional options for slow shutter


I absolutely love all the features, but it is almost unusable... Need to have a serious job on memory management... Just no way to use it to take photo over a minute! The App crashes! (Using iPhone 6s Plus btw)

Great app

I can always count on this app to deliver

Its a great app but..

every once in a while it freezes. like i can still use the app but the camera itself freezes forcing me to reset the app.

Best Camera App

Best app for photography.on the app store.

Mobarak The Boss

Perfect App

The best!

As a pro photographer, I can tell you this is the closest youll get to turning your iPhone in to a real camera. Like a real camera, youll need to unlock its full potential. If you want quick and pretty, use the iPhones built in camera. If you want methodical and perfect, go pro camera!

Great photography app

This is a great app. I like how the manual camera functions.

The Best Photo App of Them All

Pro Cam 3 is the best photo and photoshop app in the App Store...

Great widescreen mode

Great app for widescreen pictures. Sometimes slow in some modes.

More useful than the stock

This app is a lot more useful than the stock app. It lets you manipulate everything from lighting, color, and frames to quality. Its hard to go back to the stock app after using it.

Slow focus

Ok application. After many attempts to make it my main photo app, it fails me most time. Pictures are not sharp most of the time. Default apple app is spot on all the time.

Create app

I love it and I always use it

Best photo app of them all!!!

And trust me Ive got them all this is the best cam app to use taking pictures with.

Iphone 6 long shooter mode exp.

after few last updates the long shooter mode in low light shoot the exposition is only 1/15 and photo but noise is now lot lot better. And AF problem in long shooter mode sometimes just wont to autofocus...

Pro cam 3

Best aplication but no working horizontal mode on external monitor via adapter HDMI cable to external monitor . I use with tripod .Please fix this

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