ProCam 5 Відгуки


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Smart hdr

Could you bring the smart hdr feature to all iPhones, taking multiple shots and combine them to one final picture? Thanks.


It crashes seconds after opening the app on my XS Max I hope this gets fixed ASAP as I bought the app solely for this phone

Still the best camera app

And will probably remain that way for the forseeable future. Has more features and better design than all the other camera apps. And the developer is always quick to take advantage of any new provisions in OS updates and new phones. This app gets my whole-hearted recommendation

Great App

I love this app, really turns the iPhone camera into something far beyond what it’s capable of without it. However, I just received my iPhone XS Max and the button to tap to choose which lens to use regular or zoom is no longer there like it was when using my iPhone X. Please remedy this! Thank you very much.

Video doesn’t work on iPhone 6S Plus IOS 12

This app is great except for the fact that video doesn’t work on my iPhone 6S Plus with IOS 12. However, it resolved itself after a few hours, magically.



My go-to camera app

I’ve been using ProCam for so long, I downloaded it because it was a free download from Starbucks. I’ve completely ditched the native iPhone camera app in that time. I love the manual aspects of the app, the different aspect ratios, and that they allow us to add copyright information into the metadata of the images we shoot (I’ve tried other camera apps, and ProCam 5 is the only one I’ve come across that allows that).


This app has everything that you need it was worth buying it and I recommend it.

Great App- have to learn more how to use it

Love the app but still trying to learn how to use it

Best camera and video app for iPhone

Work amazing and easy to use. Thank you

Love this app

Unleashed the real capabilities of the iPhone camera, intuitive and useful app. Thank you!

i love this camera

must keep

Great Manual Camera

It’s great, you can fully go manual. It’s helpful when you can control the lighting in a studio for example and keep exposure settings, or use slow shutter for blur effect. Problem: I like to keep the grid on but turn off the horizontal level and super annoying haptic feedback. How? This is distracting when you’re trying to take serious photos.


I will be very clear and straight to the point here: I love it!

برنامج قويي

برنامج قويي للايفون الجديد وانصحكم فيه في مميزات كثيره ومو موجوده ببرنامج الكامرا العادي مميزات وضوح التصوير واشياء كثيره وكل شي مرتب وسهل والبرنامج باللغة العربية والمشكلة الي فيه ما ضافو ميزة التصوير 4k والاطار 60s


Mediocre, at best. "CameraPixels" is a much better camera app, and it also supports proper bracketing.


While this app does have many features, I personally think it’s not worth the price. It’s a hard to use app. Wish I could get a refund.


Um aplicativo que promete tudo e mais um pouco e não cumpre nada. Todos esses efeitos, vocês encontram em outros apps gratuitos, não joguem o dinheiro de vocês no lixo como eu. Estarei monitorando meu comentário, se for excluído, irei procurar meus direitos como cliente, propaganda enganosa e etc.


Just experimenting and do far so good

Keeps Crashing After Recording Video

I downloaded the app to test it out but for the last to videos that I recorded the app crashed when I clicked the record button and it started to process the video. My entire 10 min video gone, not saved not able to reproduce, nothing. I’m using on iPhone X IOS 11.4.1. Using the free downloaded version, glad I didn’t buy this app.

Super Awesome

I didn’t know a phone could do all this. But idk if you can use the portrait mode only on iPhone 8 Plus/X or not.

Not recommended

It’s difficult to use. I downloaded it because I watched a YouTube video and it recommended it but I just can’t figure it out and I’m pretty good at figuring apps out


The preview looked good and all, I downloaded this app expecting a lot more than I received. Very glitchy and every time I would try and focus it on something it would crash. I have an iPhone 8, so this app should work well. I already tried restarting my phone and that did not help. Its sad that I had to pay $6 for this😕

Pablo Briseno

It's great very good

I Recommend for Serious/Pro Photographers Only

Firstly, I can honestly say the BEST still images and video I've EVER captured were taken while using this App. Again, BEST EVER!! Now, I'm not going to go into all the details and merely repeat the App description, because you can read what is available yourself. But, I WILL repeat my caption: For Serious/Pro Photographers Only Because if you ONLY use your device's camera to open, point and shoot? Use the camera you already have built-in to your device. It’s better than you may believe. Otherwise you're going to find yourself overwhelmed with advanced filters, settings, features and controls and then wonder why you paid $4.99 for something you're not going to use. Next, you're likely to come here and rate it 1 Star and write a nasty review! All because you purchased the incorrect App for your need. BE SMART AND BUY SMART: BUY AN APP YOU'LL ACTUALLY USE!!

Fake exposure bracketing

You’ll get a well deserved 1 star until you fix your fake “exposure” brAcketing that varies ISO (not a component of exposure). Understand?

Best DSLR emulator for iPhone!

So far, this has been the best app I’ve used that has all the options a real DSLR camera. I am a full time photographer, and sometimes I just want to whip something out of pocket that can take great photos. The regular iPhone camera is already great but this app really takes it to the next level.

Such a sucker

The photos taken with this app are demonstrably worse than those taken with the native camera app. There is a huge difference in low light in particular. I feel like such a sucker for paying $5! How disingenuous of the app makers... 😡

Best camera app ever!

I was hesitant to buy a camera app since there are several really great free ones, but this one is so worth the small amount of money! Love this app so much! Professional features, in-app editing of photos and videos (yes, videos!) with filters or manual editing, RAW and other formats, zooming for both photos and videos (yes, video zoom!), real time sound meter for videoing, overexposure indicator, online user manual that explains things easily even for beginners, so many things, so much more! I’d put this app up against any other camera app! Until iPhones come out with movable a aperture, this app is the next best thing and makes the absolute most of what the iPhone can do. I get compliments all the time about my photos, and when people borrow my phone to take a photo for me, they immediately comment on how much better it is than their own app. You can tell such a difference! Again, it’s totally worth getting this app! I can’t say enough good things about it!

Return my money Argan

This is the worst ape with no information on how to use I want a refund

Love the app but it lacks in one thing

I love this app for raw shooting but I hate that there is no zoom function in the raw mode. If there was it would truly be the perfect app

Great camera app

Love the app and features. However, it is annoying to get the “hide the toolbar” tip notification every time i launch the app. Please turn that off.

Amazing Camera App

Simply a must have, need I say more

The best camera app ever

i think it is the best camera app on smartphone ever! thank you .

Great app!!

I love all the features but I wish there was an aperture control 😁 Thank You!!

Use It Every Day

Awesome for capturing doccuments, but the OCR doesn’t do very good for store receipts. I’m guessing that the latest iPhone doesn’t have the power to do very good OCR on small text that isn’t crisp. But I did get a little better results by making the receipt text a little larger. I took three 5 foot high filing cabinets and used it to copy all of the documents, and moved them into folders (albums) in my Photos folder, and it’s all backed up on the iCloud for a couple bucks per month, with an additional backup on a 512G USB memory stick. Then I tossed the filing cabinet in the trash :) If I ever need to alter one, this app allows moving it back and doing an OCR. I spent 20 years designing databases, so I am also creating a database app that is 100 times better than the iPhone Photos app, with the ability to use multiple folder levels and naming and searching capability for the picture documents. So I will be moving all of the documents to the database when I am done. The bottom line is that I love this ScannerPro app.


When I rotate my device sideways the app glitches and I’m unable to take photos due to the bottom portion moving out of the display

Great App!

Per the developer, I deleted & re-installed the app. Now it work perfectly. This is an excellent app. It creates seamless videos. Saves time & effort previously used to cut, edit & combine. Thank you to developers who responded very fast!!

ProCam 5 extends possibilities

Pro cam five extends the iPhone’s camera possibilities. I originally purchased the app for its ability to modify the shutter speed. I have found many new uses for it. The tilt shift option was the first fun one I used. Then I learned it had a zoom capability (not yet in the tutorial, look on the right side of the screen for a very faint circle), white balance capability, ISO modification, and a whole lot more. I would have rated it a five out of five but I find the font is too small for me to read without assistance. Perhaps later, I will learn how to modify the font sizes. It will stay on my phone.

W O W !!!

Needs video how to tutorial as there are so many hidden features

Bluetooth Failure on iPhone X

It’s a good app but it ruined my trip for photos. The bluetooth control did not work on my iPhone X. I have to resort to limited functionality from the basic iPhone camera app. Not a good investment of $6 for me.

Crashes iPhones

Consistently crashes my iPhone 6 & 6+. Also drains the battery like nothing else. When it works, does fine with good light. Wish there was more settings for shutter control and time lapse. Was really hoping it would work..

So great camera app!

Just perfect to squeeze all the juice from your iSight!


Everything is wonderful except there is no option to mute the camera shutter sound. I wish this app has this option since my iPhone is from Korea and I can’t mute it. Thanks,

Cn hcmv

Ch h u ck


There is an adage that says the best camera is the one you have with you. It’s a bit Zen, but true. ProCam definitely helps boot the already fine camera on the iPhone X. YMMV

A great app missing some features

ProCam 5 is a Fantastic camera app with a lot more features than the stock iOS camera. However, ProCam 5 is missing important features to me; such as slow motion recording and Live Photo. I sincerely hope that the developers take time to consider adding these features. Note: some features such as night mode are really lowering performance. Taking a shot can be difficult when the camera is updating 15 frames a second



Use for fun , not for serious projects

The app is fun to play around with but not worth the cost . If you want to use it for media your going to publish I don’t feel this app is what your looking for . If your using it to learn settings than it’s a good practice tool


best of best ... camera app. amazing. I love this app. Thank you so much.

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